What is NightLase? Well, NightLase could be your answer to a good night’s sleep. It is a patented laser that, when shot into your throat, heats the tissues in your airway to keep them open when you sleep. It is most effective for patients who suffer from severe snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). This is because these patients are the ones whose soft pallets are sagging or enlarged. When these patients sleep, the soft pallet tissues relax and cause obstructions of the airways. The NightLase treatment causes the tissues to become rigid and hold place when you sleep.

For a better understanding, let us summarise NightLase with three phrases:


The way that the NightLase works is by altering the collagen at the back of the throat (otherwise known as the soft pallet). This collagen, like the rest of your skin over your body, has aged, softened and lost elasticity over time. When the NightLase laser is focused into your soft pallet, it effectively reawakens or rejuvenates the collagen, causing it to retighten.

Minimally Invasive*

The only reason we call NightLase treatment ‘minimally invasive’ rather than ‘non-invasive’ is because we are still required to placed in your mouth, therefore we are ‘invading’ your space in some way. But rest assured that NightLase treatment is painless. We have heard the sensation of treatment likened to a warm cup of tea; it’s not painful but you know it’s there.  This is why we are confident when we say that you are not going to need any anaesthesia to undergo NightLase treatment.

Also, the whole treatment with NightLase takes three thirty minutes sessions, every three weeks. And, there is no downtime. The laser therapy is conducted in our practice, not in a hospital. So, it is easy for you to walk in, have treatment, then walk out and get on with your day.


NightLase may not be a permanent solution. Over time, the tissues of the soft pallet may soften and begin to age again. Each patient is different so we cannot give you an accurate estimate as to how long the treatment will last.

Approximately 50% of patients experience the benefit of a better night’s sleep after the first session. Following the second treatment, that number rises to 80%. This is why we recommend three treatments to begin with. Some patients may need more, based on a number of factors.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Snoring Laser Care so that you can say goodbye to your CPAP machine and hello to NightLase; you can Snore Less and Live More.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.