The List of CPAP Supplies and What that Means for You

Your CPAP Supply Questions – Answered

When you first use your CPAP device, finding and ordering CPAP supplies is a daunting task.

When it comes to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, There’s a lengthy list of supplies, accessories, and even add-ons you can include with your CPAP.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions we see about CPAP supplies.

Will Private Health Insurance Cover my CPAP Supplies?

While coverage depends on a variety of factors, the short answer is – likely. Many private insurance providers consider CPAP machines and accessories major medical equipment and will cover or defray the cost of the machine and necessary supplies.

Speak with your doctor and your health insurance provider to confirm your CPAP equipment and supplies are covered by your insurance plan.

Where can I buy CPAP Supplies?

The good news is, CPAP accessories are quite easy to purchase. You can pick up most supplies at pharmacies, health supply stores, and online shops. Even major retailers such as Amazon offer accessories for most major CPAP brands. (Just be sure to double-check the supplies you’re ordering are the right match for your particular CPAP machine.)

Are most CPAP accessories universal?

Several popular brands of CPAP machines are widely available and the accessories aren’t necessarily universal.

When you’re ordering accessories for your CPAP, always confirm you’re ordering the right accessories for your particular machine.

What supplies do I need for my CPAP machine?

There are a handful of major components for your CPAP – airflow generator, connective hose, humidifier, and filter. These main components are critical for the function of your device. A few additional supplies you’ll need include:

CPAP Batteries
Power and cable inverters
CPAP pillows
Head straps
CPAP cleaning supplies

Can I order CPAP supplies online?

Absolutely! When it comes to getting your CPAP accessories, you have many options at your disposal. Many health supply stores have a wide variety of stock available online. Major online retailers such as Amazon offer a large selection of sleep apnea equipment – delivered to your door.

If you’re ordering your supplies online, just be sure to double-check that your supplies are compatible with your particular CPAP device.

How often should I replace my CPAP supplies?

Just like any other form of equipment, CPAP supplies are subject to wear and tear and require frequent replacement.

CPAP manufacturer ResMed recommends the following schedule for inspecting your CPAP supplies.


Mask cushions and pillows
Check for signs of wear and tear. Look for cracks.
If your mask is irritating your skin, it may be time for a replacement (or at the very least a good cleaning.)
Air filters
Are there any stains or holes in your machine’s air filters?

Every three months:

Mask frame
Check for leaks
Look for discoloration, holes, and signs of wear.

Every six months:

Look for stretching, signs of wear, and misfitting mask
Humidifier water tank
Check for cracks, leaks, cloudy or discolored water chamber

Getting the hang of ordering and caring for your CPAP supplies may feel overwhelming at first. While there’s a steep learning curve to using a CPAP, with practice and persistence, you can get the hang of your machine.

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