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Does snoring impact your life?

You don’t have to suffer!

NightLase Treatment is a patented, fast, minimally invasive and virtually painless way of increasing the quality of you and your partner’s sleep. NightLase lessens the effects of obstructive sleep apnoea and decreases the amplitude of snoring through the use of gentle, superficial laser light.

No anesthesia is necessary. Walk in, walk out four 30 minute sessions.  Sound too good to be true? We offer a money-back guarantee! for patients that are assessed suitable for treatment.

Get started, complete your online assessment today to start your journey for a good night’s sleep for you and your family.

Virtually Pain-Free

NightLase provides a non-invasive, virtually pain-free treatment. There is no cutting, bleeding, stitches or scarring. The laser produces the heat of a ‘warm cup of tea’ as it’ is being used to strengthen the tissues at the back of the throat that cause obstruction.

There is no post-operative pain or recovery period. As soon as you finish your treatment, you can resume your normal activities.

Walk In, Walk Out

Once you have had your consultation with Dr Hany, you must complete 3X Orofacial Myology prior to Laser and 3 quick treatments over a 9 week period to get your quality of sleep back!

NightLase is such a simple, thirty-minute procedure that it allows you to go back to your normal routine straight after treatment.

You’ll notice the benefits straight away. You won’t need to wear any devices, be exposed to any chemicals or anaesthetic.

Cost-Effective and Payment Plans

Compared to snoring surgery and CPAP machine alternatives, NightLase snoring treatment provides a very cost-effective treatment option.

Rebates can also be claimed from your health fund (check with your health fund for eligibility).

We also offer payment plan options with no interest, no deposit – so you can pay your treatment off over time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a good night’s sleep again?

Or Your Money Back

We are so confident in our NightLase snoring treatment, that we provide a money-back guarantee* for your treatment cost.

To ensure you get the best results from NightLase treatment, we undertake extensive assessments to make sure that it’s the right treatment option for you.

*refer to money-back guarantee terms and conditions.

How NightLase works

What is NightLase?

NightLase treatment involves directing the NightLase laser light on the soft palate, uvula, base of the tongue and back of the throat.

The warmth effect caused by the laser (which is approximately 43-47 degrees Celsius or a warm cup of tea) results in the collagen in the treated tissues to shrink and generate a firmer collagen.

This results in the tightening of the muscles in the mouth and throat, to allow the airways to open up. Learn more

What does the treatment involve?

NightLase treatment is a simple “walk in, walk out” treatment that can give you results on your first night’s sleep. The treatment itself is done in-chair with no anesthetic required. See how easy the NightLase Treatment is and check our treatment steps.

What are the results?

The results of NightLase snoring treatment can be immediate. To ensure that your results are long-lasting, up to three additional treatments are undertaken. . We provide a money-back guarantee for results for patients that are assessed suitable for NightLase.

Why is Snoring a Problem?

What are the dangers of snoring?

If left untreated, the long-term implications of snoring include tiredness, morning headaches, irritability, dry mouth and relationship difficulties.

Studies have shown that snoring is a bigger risk factor for stroke and heart attack than smoking, being overweight or having high cholesterol.  Learn more

What causes snoring?

Snoring is caused when the muscles at the back of the throat relax during sleep, partially blocking the air passageway.

When air is taken in via the mouth, the slack obstruction vibrates and produces the sound we know as snoring. Learn more



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The long-term effects of heavy snoring may be a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health problems.

Your snoring may also be impacting on your partner and wider family. They may suffer from your snoring which causes tiredness and resentment because of sleepless nights.

Undertaking NightLase treatment can improve relationships and your general energy levels and feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

NightLase snoring treatment will be helped most snorers. However, lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, weight and age all play a part in the treatment’s success.
Unfortunately, there is no Medicare rebate available for this treatment.
NightLase snoring treatment is as much as half the price of snoring surgery. If you are currently using or considering using CPAP machines and mouth guards, they can be more expensive than NightLase, with the added discomfort and annoyance. For more information about pricing check out our two treatment plan options.  We also offer Payment Plan solutions to allow you to pay as little as $57 per week for your treatment (Terms and Conditions along with Credit Conditions and Criteria apply)
All health insurers are different, so our consultant can issue you with an information sheet with a breakdown of pricing so you can speak with your health insurer directly about rebates they may pay.
We offer interest-free payment plans to help assist with your treatment. A deposit may be required, but we are able to spread the cost of your treatment over a defined period.

Please note that all applications are subject to Finance Application Credit Criteria along with a range of fees and terms and conditions.

The NightLase snoring treatment is a simple walk in, walk out procedure, so there is no downtime at all in your life.
Patients that have undertaken NightLase treatment have reported that they wake up feeling more energetic and in a better mood.

There is also a range of other related benefits that having a good night’s sleep will provide you and your partner with!

NightLase is a laser device that is made by Fotona in Italy. Fotona has been creating laser for over 50 years for a range of treatment options.

Lasers have been used for over a decade to treat a number of health problems. Each laser has different wavelengths and power levels that are appropriate and safe for different procedures.

There are many reasons why recommend have a sleep study.

Treatments for sleep disorders have a high rate of success for patients willing to take the leap in getting diagnosed.  A Sleep Study is a key assessment tool that is used to determine the recommended treatment plan to give you optimal snoring reduction.

Within a short time of undertaking their optimal Treatment Plan, many patients find themselves feeling more alert and invigorated during the day and report an amazing change in the quality of their life.

A sleep study records brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movement, and more.

The following information from a Sleep Study will be used to inform your treatment diagnosis by:

  • Measuring the severity of your symptoms, for example; how many times you stop breathing or the amount of oxygen saturation during sleep
  • Benchmarking before the treatment so that we can measure the progress of your treatment
  • Determine the kind of sleep apnea you suffer from, which could be either Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) which is key in terms of the optimal treatment recommendation.
  • Measure grinding and clenching of your jaw during your sleep, which can have an impact on your snoring.

Check out Dr Hany talk about the important of a Sleep Study in this short Video.

NightLase treatment in most cases has shown an improvement in mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea.

For some patients, NightLase can also assist to supplement other sleep apnoea treatments.

Our clinical team will undertake a number of assessments which include Sleep Tests, 3D Xray, and full medical history to determine your suitability for NightLase treatment. Our goal is to provide you with optimal results. To do this, we need to ensure that we have a full understanding of your current condition and have all undertaken all the pre-screening to determine your suitability. Based on these results, we will then arrange a consultation with Dr. Hany who will provide you with treatment options.

If we accept treatment for you and it subsequently does not produce an optimal outcome, you will receive a refund (see the full terms and conditions).

A full course of NightLase consists of three or four 20 minute sessions over a nine-week to twelve-week period.

For each appointment, it’s a simple walk in, walk out procedure, with no anesthetic or pain relief required.

NightLase treatment temperature is similar to drinking a warm cup of tea (37-39 degrees).

Most patients feel neither discomfort nor pain during or after the procedure. Some experience a mild dry throat for a few days after.

This video shows how NightLase operates:

When you experience an orofacial disorder as an adult it can often be debilitating, interfering with your everyday life. The good news is, after carrying out a course of orofacial myology exercises, you can be on your way to taking back control of your health.

Common issues we see in adults are;

  • Lip and/or tongue tie restrictions leading to incorrect muscle function and symptoms such as facial/jaw/neck pain,
  • Sleep disorders and snoring which is commonly associated with the airway musculature and tongue resting position,
  • Jaw / TMJ Pain,
  • Open-mouth breathing,
  • Oral habits such as nail-biting.

When people are in pain, they recruit additional muscles to do the everyday activities of chewing, swallowing, speech and facial expression. This can increase pain and excessive strain in the joints and muscles.

Identifying and treating muscle dysfunction by toning and strengthening the muscles helps to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Research has shown that patients undergoing orofacial myology have a significant reduction in pain, an increased range of motion in their jaw and reduced frequency and severity of signs and symptoms.

How can we help? 

To help you, we work on things such as;

  • the way you breathe,
  • strengthening particular muscles,
  • chewing and swallowing patterns,
  • the position of your tongue and lips when at rest,
  • developing motor skills to improve your control over your orofacial muscles

We work alongside our specially trained dentists to ensure you get the best possible outcome of your treatment, whether that be for a snoring laser treatment, lip and/or tongue tie release, TMJ pain, orthodontics or .

The most important thing to remember is that you are working towards a long-term goal of restoring balance to your life.

In order to provide you with the highest standard of dental care, this practice is required to collect personal information from you. This information covers basic details such as your name, address and telephone number but it is also necessary for the dentist to obtain from you details regarding your general health and past medical or surgical events. Without this general health picture, the treating dentist is unable to plan your care properly.

For our complete Terms and Conditions, check them out here.


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