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What is the NightLase Snoring Treatment?

NightLase is a patented laser procedure that is minimally invasive, and yields quick results for the treatment of snoring.

NightLase Snoring Treatment

NightLase is a comfortable treatment that requires no anaesthesia, and uses a laser to heat a patient’s airway tissues to reduce the snoring, and any effects from sleep apnoea.

NightLase snoring treatment usually occurs over a period of two months, at a minimum of three treatments that take 30 minutes each. Snoring Laser Care North Mackay, QLD is focused on helping you and your loved ones with any snoring or sleep apnoea related issues you may be experiencing.

Does Night Lase Work

It typically takes two consultations with our NightLase dentists for us to complete a thorough assessment of your condition.

Dr Hany looks forward to taking care of you

This video shows how NightLase operates:

The Snoring Laser Care Clinic can Help
If you are curious and would like to know more about the NightLase treatment we provide in Queensland, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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