How much does a CPAP machine cost?

In short, the exact cost of a CPAP machine varies depending on the model selected and your specific insurance policy.

After a sleep apnea diagnosis, most patients receive a prescription for a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. Of course, you probably have many questions about your new medical tool. The first question on most patient’s minds is: “How much will my CPAP machine cost?”

CPAP costs vary widely depending on the exact model of CPAP you chose. Basic models come with a lower price tag, whereas higher-end models can cost thousands. CPAP machines are less expensive than the more advanced bi-level positive air pressure(BIPAP) devices.

If you’re paying out of pocket, the average CPAP machine costs approximately $1,271*. The cost for most CPAP models ranges between $750-$4,500*. You can find far less and more expensive models on the market, but most devices fall into this price range. This expense usually includes basic accessories such as hose, mask, filters, tubing, etc.

The exact price tag also depends upon whether or not your insurance will defray any of the costs from the machine. When it comes to insurance coverage for CPAP, there’s no cut and dry answer. Some private health insurance policies will share in the cost of your CPAP equipment, while others leave the entire cost of the machine up to the patient. Check your insurance policy to determine if your CPAP will be covered by your healthcare plan.

A CPAP machine is a big purchase. Can I purchase a used CPAP device?

With the high cost of a CPAP device, it’s tempting to look for a second-hand machine to purchase.

We do not recommend the purchase of a used CPAP or BIPAP machine.

First, CPAP devices require careful cleaning and sterilization. If you buy one that hasn’t been properly sterilized, you run a high risk of sinus and lung infections.

Secondly, while buying a pre-owned CPAP machine may seem like an excellent way to save some money you risk spending more in the long run. CPAP machines require regular care and maintenance for longevity. It’s virtually impossible to know if you’re purchasing a second-hand machine that hasn’t been regularly serviced or is near the end of its life.

CPAP Alternatives

NightLase is an incredible alternative to a CPAP device.

NightLase treatment is a fast, relatively painless approach to treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Following NightLase treatment, you’re able to enjoy a great night’s sleep – without the use of loud, bulky, uncomfortable equipment.

With NightLase, patients are treated in four 30 minute sessions and are immediately able to resume their regular activities.

How does it work?

NightLase therapy opens the airways by strengthening key muscles in the neck and throat. Collagen in these areas is strengthened by a warm (43-47 degrees Celsius) laser. There’s little pain, no sutures, and you’re free to go about your day (and enjoy a great night’s sleep – even after just one session!)

NightLase is highly cost-effective and a portion of the procedure may be covered by health insurance plans.


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