There is no shortage of ‘treatment’ options when it comes to snoring. But, are these ‘treatments’ actually band-aid solutions masquerading as a fix? At Snoring Laser Care, we don’t believe in giving quick fixes to your snoring problem, because in the long run, this kind of method ends up costing the patient more time and money. We call them band-aid solutions because once you remove the ‘solution’, the problem is still there and the snoring returns. We want what is best for our patients, which is why we like to find the source of the problem and fix it properly. Let us tell you a story, so you can understand why.

Sam* is a burly miner who has snored his entire life. He started off with incidental snoring: it worsened when he was overly tired or slept on his back and he became a freight train when he had a few too many drinks with the boys. Then, after Sam got married, he did what many happily married couples do and got comfortable and packed on the kilos. Soon after, Sam started to snore every night.

Sam’s snoring became too much for his wife, particularly after they had their first child. So, he went and saw a sleep specialist who told Sam he had sleep apnoea. He was given a CPAP Machine and sent on his way. He felt like a new man. He was having a solid night’s sleep, was feeling re-energised when he woke and generally much happier. For all intents and purposes, the treatment worked well – until it didn’t.

When Sam returned to FIFO work, he had to take his CPAP machine to-and-fro with him. This is when his problems began. One week, Sam forgot to take pack his CPAP mask. For the entire seven nights he was away, Sam had broken sleep because he was unable to use his machine, thus, his snoring would awaken him. He also experienced vibration headaches from the constant rattling of his throat and head. He was unable to focus properly at work. And, after the rough week, on his drive home he had to stop frequently to walk about so he didn’t fall asleep at the wheel. This wasn’t the only time that he had troubles with his machine.

Sam’s story drives home the difference between a band-aid treatment and an actual solution. If Sam had found the root cause of his snoring and sought proper treatment, perhaps he wouldn’t have had these negative experiences.

Our team at Snoring Laser Care could have treated Sam using our NightLase Laser method. NightLase can tighten the excess tissue at the back of Sam’s throat which was causing his obstructive sleep. We would also examine his jaw and mouth to ensure that no secondary oral problem was causing his snoring. Finally, we would work with his GP and dietician to help encourage Sam to make healthier lifestyle choices which would dramatically improve his snoring problem.

This is just one example of how Snoring Laser Care takes a holistic approach for the benefit of our patients. We want all of our patients to live full and happy lives. To find out more and see the array of treatment options which Snoring Laser Care offer, please do not hesitate to contact us so you can Snore Less and Live More.

*Name changed for privacy