Snoring: the jackhammer of the sleep world.

The bane of many co-sleepers existences.

The thorn in many a marriage’s side.

These may sound like extreme analogies, but the reality is that as much as a third of the adult population worldwide are living with someone who snores. But these people do not need to put up with snoring because there are cures, or at the very least, there is technology to aide quality of sleep. And you can have access to some of these services at Snoring Laser Care.

The first step to finding a cure or sleep aide is by undertaking a snore assessment. We have granted you free access to our online snoring assessment because we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Our snore assessment will give you an indication of the severity of your snoring, and when you book a follow-up consultation with our team, they will be able to use your assessment results to put you on the right path to a snore-free future.

At your consultation with either Dr Hany or Dr Arjun, you will be advised of the likely cause of the snoring: whether it is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) or something less severe. If the cause is OSA, you will be referred to a service who can fit you with a CPAP machine or something similar. If, however, the cause of your snoring is less sinister, that is caused by no obstruction of the airways, we can treat you in-house with our NightLase treatment system.

NightLase treatment is a leading-edge laser procedure which is quick, simple, unobtrusive and virtually pain-free. During the procedure, the NightLase laser will heat up the collagen tissues of the soft palate, uvula, base of the tongue and back of the throat. This heating will cause the tissues to shrink and become firm. When this happens, the tissues will no longer become ‘slack’ during sleep, thereby eliminating the mild obstruction to the airways which cause the vibrating sound of snoring.

Some quick facts about NightLase treatment:

  • The treatment is so effective that some patients have reported improved results after just one treatment session. However, it is recommended that patients undergo the full course of three 30-minute sessions to receive the maximum benefit.
  • NightLase is so unobtrusive that you can have the treatment on your lunch break and get back to work straight away.
  • NightLase improves the sleep of over 80% of patients and has been known to reduce some of the effects of sleep apnoea. However, it is not a cure for OSA, so patients with sleep apnoea will still need monitoring of their symptoms and, perhaps, maintain the use of a CPAP machine.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Snoring Laser Care.

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