Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident about our NightLase snoring treatment, that we will give you a money-back guarantee* for the cost of the treatment.

Our money-back guarantee is based on the following conditions is you meet our acceptance criteria for NightLase Snoring Treatment*:

  • Recording of sleep study before and after full course of treatment and/or
  • Recording of home sleep study with WatchPAT or similar before and after full course of treatment and
  • Home recording of snoring prior and during the course of treatment and
  • The patient needs to follow the full treatment plan as set out by the clinician, including attending 3 Oral Facial Myology assigned appointments.
  • If by the end of treatment the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is not 29 or less, the guarantee is not applicable
  • If the patient has Central Sleep Apnea, the guarantee is not applicable, this is because Central Sleep Apnea is a neurological issue and not a physical one, Nightase Treatment will not help Central Apnea
  • Claim for the guarantee, and 2nd sleep study must occur within 6 months from the 3rd tx.

The refund will be for NightLase treatment only. The cost of sleep study and associated costs are not part of the guarantee.

You can also still undertaken NightLase Treatment if you do not meet our preferred treatment criteria.   We will be able to undertake the treatment for you, but will not provide our Money Back Guarantee for treatment outcomes.


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